let’s start a
One where every body is worthy and no body is shameful.
Let’s be uppity love rebels who fight to take the guilty out of pleasure.
Let’s stand up and proudly declare that we deserve decadence, joy, and fun in our lives.
are you in?


and get my 3 simple tools for feelings more comfortable, and confident in your body.


Hi, I’m Lauren. Welcome to my home.

If we’ve never met before, howdy! There are five things you should know about me from the start. You can find them here.

My work focuses on two things: taking the guilty out of pleasure™ and creating left-brained solutions for right-brained people.™

I am a writer, first and foremost, and I believe in the power of telling stories. I want to read your stories. I want to help you tell them. I want to help you be seen and heard. I do that through my Creativity Squared™ programs.

I also believe that no body is shameful and that every life deserves to be filled with joy, pleasure and delight. My book Bawdy Love: 10 Steps to Profoundly Loving Your Body and the #BawdyLove revolution surrounding it stands firmly on the belief that no body is shameful and every body is worthy of love, acceptance, and respect.

From crowds of thousands, to groups of six, I facilitate life-changing conversations through motivational speaking, intensive workshops, and intimate retreats. I’d love to meet you in person. Click here to find out if I’m speaking near you.

Oh and my sister and I have a stationary company creating honest and hilarious cards for grief, healing, and love called LoloAndMeesh.

That’s about it for now. If you have any questions or need anything, don’t hesitate to email me at info@laurenmariefleming.com.

With love and light,


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If you are alive, your body is amazing

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