let’s start a
One where every body is worthy and no body is shameful.
Let’s be uppity love rebels who fight to take the guilty out of pleasure.
Let’s stand up and proudly declare that we deserve decadence, joy, and fun in our lives.
are you in?


and get my 3 simple tools for feelings more comfortable, and confident in your body.


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Bullies and bullying

There was this kid in 7th grade who called me Shamu and made fun of my weight and how dykey I looked every day, making my life miserable. That’s when I started cutting, a compulsive behavior I fight to this day because bullies don’t stop when you leave...

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The best writing advice I ever got

There is a point in every author’s life when they make the decision to take this whole writing thing seriously. For me, that point happened halfway through law school when it became apparent that the only thing keeping me sane was writing about the insanity....

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Be a Citizen of Hope

On October 2, 2012, a team of surgeons at City of Hope medical center sliced open my brother and saw a body wracked with cancer. Nevertheless, they kept cutting, determined to remove what they could of this invasive leech eating him from within. For twenty hours, my...

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