Lauren Marie Fleming: Taking the guilty out of pleasure.

There’s always going to be more weight to lose, more money to make, more people to please. There’s always going to be an excuse to discard your dreams and put off your joy.

But one day you’re going to die. And people won’t remember how much you weighed or what your job paid you. They’ll remember only one thing: how well you lived.

I’ve got the resources you need to shed shame and transform your lackluster life into one full of passion and pleasure.

And you don’t need to buy some expensive program or pay thousands of dollars in coaching to get it.

All you’ve gotta do is enter your email address.

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Hi, I’m Lauren, a writer, speaker, and uppity love rebel. I’m here to help you shed shame, embrace your unique life story, and tell that story to the world.

I want to help you

Discover your story.

Sort through society’s bullshit to discover what YOU truly want, need, and can’t have in your life.

Embrace your story.

Now that you know what you want, make it happen in your life. Live your dreams.

Tell your story.

Walk boldly through this world with confidence, knowing you’re living your most authentic, joyful life.

Receive intimate and inspirational letters from me to you.

My emails are a way for me to connect directly with you, ask you questions, and share the tools I’ve collected for leading an audacious life free of shame and full of joy.

Bonus: sign-up and you’ll also get my 3 simple tools for feeling more comfortable and confident in your body.

Feel more comfortable and confident in your body.

Stop letting body shame keep you from living your life to the fullest. The Bawdy Love revolution has everything you need to profoundly love your body, including a podcast, book, journals, and a hundreds-strong online support group.

Get fashionable, fun, and socially conscious swag.

From cell phone covers and t-shirts to posters and wall decals, cover your world in reminders to live audaciously and boldly stand up for yourself and others.

A portion the profits from merchandise sold in my shop goes to progressive nonprofits like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.

Personalized help breaking down your dreams into easily obtainable goals.

Like sitting down for tea, my coaching is a conversation between friends, working together to help you live your most authentic, joyful life.

Escape to an exotic locale while transforming your life.

Set in one-of-a-kind locations, my retreats offer rejuvenation, decadence, and fun – plus all the tools you need to turn your most grandiose dreams into an easily achievable action plan to make them come true.

When the world tells you to be smaller, I want you to be more grandiose.

When the world tells you to change, I want you to invest even more in yourself.

When the world tries to silence your story, I want you to shout it from the rooftops.

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