let’s start a
One where every body is worthy and no body is shameful.
Let’s be uppity love rebels who fight to take the guilty out of pleasure.
Let’s stand up and proudly declare that we deserve decadence, joy, and fun in our lives.
are you in?


and get my 3 simple tools for feelings more comfortable, and confident in your body.


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It’s okay to quit. It’s okay to be a quitter.

This morning, I sat on the sofa at my sister’s house and realized just how big of a quitter I am. In the past five years, I’ve quit more things than I can count. To name a few, I’ve quit: a 500-mile bike ride training program one month before the...

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You are valuable – a reminder

It’s National Suicide Prevention week and I wanted to remind you all that YOU are worthy. YOU have value. YOU deserve to take up space. (Click here to tweet this.) As someone who has struggled her whole life with depression and suicidal ideations, I know what...

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