This weekend, five stunning souls joined me in Portland, Oregon for a spectacular Bawdy Love retreat.

We had candlelight journaling, vintage video games, cuddle time tea, deluxe chocolates, pajama parties, deep connections, healing workshops, shopping excursions, morning donuts, mocktails, and tater tots.

Whew what a weekend!

Each time I run a retreat, it surpasses all of my hopes and dreams. You all are such stunning human beings, and I am honored to get to know you on such an intimate level.

“Honestly, this was everything I could have hoped for and more. I loved the writing exercises and learning language precision. I loved the group discussions and group outings. I only wish it could have lasted longer!” – Jenny

“The time went by too fast, I didn’t want it to end!” – Anonymous 

“I learned so much about filtering for good influences and how doing so will improve my quality of life. I can’t wait to get started!” – Jodie

“The workshops helped guide me through my own personal journey towards fulfillment and abundance. I learned that it is so much easier for me to focus on and identify with the negative than the positive and that opened my eyes to how my own perception colors me everyday experiences.” – Anonymous

“Clothes shopping can be such a challenging and sometimes distressing experience–and also lonely! Usually I have to go into stores by myself because I have to go to special sections or stores for my size and it was fun being with all y’all today trying on clothes together! I really loved the joy that brought us all!” – D.C.


Because I know not everyone can make it to my retreats, I thought I’d share my 10 favorite ways to create the Bawdy Love retreat feel at home this weekend:

  1. Write something you need to let go of down on a fancy piece of paper. Burn it sage or palo santo to clear the energy. Let it go.
  2. Invite your friends over for a movie night. Cuddle up together eating popcorn with fancy toppings. I suggest The 100 Foot Journey, Roman Holidayor Saving Face which are movies we’ve watched at the retreats.
  3. Face masks and nail painting. Femme it up, no matter what your gender.
  4. Journal for hours on end. Write down everything your soul craves. Write down your deepest desires.
  5. Do some magic. Yes, I said magic! Channel your inner witch. Make up an incantation full of all your hopes and dreams in the world. Cast a spell that propels you into the future you dream. Throw some things into a cauldron. Make magic happen in your life.
  6. Fill your bathroom with (safely placed) tea lights. Soak in the tub listening to music until they’re all burnt out.
  7. Make long, sensuous love to yourself.
  8. Go glamping. Buy the fanciest marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers you can find. Bring an air mattress. Throw down a rug. Decorate.
  9. Rearrange your room. I know, I know, doesn’t sound glamorous, but it will give you a new look on your life. Dance around to Taylor Swift while you’re at it.
  10. Do absolutely nothing at all. When you get up to do something, stop.

How do you treat yourself well? What’s your Daily Decadence going to be this weekend? Let me know in the Bawdy Love Facebook group.

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