Hey I’m Lauren

I’m a farmer’s daughter who turned her knack for telling tall tales into a thriving writing career.

I’ve lived around the world, worked with famous celebrities, and gotten a law degree, all in the
name of a good story.

Then my younger brother died, and I was slapped in the face with a hard reality: when we’re gone, our stories are all that’s left behind.

Now, I help entrepreneurs and professional writers harness the power of storytelling so you can leave your own lasting legacy.

Lauren sits in front of a tree in the park reading

How it all


I was born and raised in a small, conservative farming town on the Mexican border. I grew up listening to country music and mariachi, eating tacos and cheesy casseroles, and wondering if I would ever fit in as a loud, fat, queer kid who was far from the little lady everyone expected her to be.

At night, I would tuck up into bed, a pen and paper in hand, and lose myself in this fantastical world of my own creation, one where every body size was elebrated, queer people were treated as equal, and dogs spoke Spanish.

Sadly, I haven’t gotten a dog to speak to me in Spanish (yet!), but through my writing I’ve been able to turn that childhood dream of a world where someone like me could through into the reality of my adult life.

Our Shared


I believe in tea over coffee, collaboration over competition, and fries with cheese over everything. Hang out with me long enough, and I’ll convince you to take more naps, eat more snacks, and Write Your Friggin’ Book Already®.

I’m proudly queer, kinky, and witchy, and I love my body at any size. I’m an eternal optimist, a grand idea dreamer, and I am always seeking ways to learn more, grow more, and get a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me.

If you read that and said “hell friggin’ yes!” then you’re in the right place.

More about my


Here are some of the personal and professional experiences that have shaped the person I am and the work I do:

  • Living in Italy, Mexico, and the Czech Republic, plus traveling to dozens of countries and five continents.
  • Watching four family members battle cancer, including losing my brother and nephew to the disease.
  • Writing my law school thesis on queer pornography and starting the critically acclaimed Queer Bradshaw blog – one of the first lesbian sex focused websites on the Internet.
  • Growing up on a border town full of salt-of-the-earth farmers and hard working immigrant laborers.
  • Working with some of the most powerful and acclaimed voices in our modern world –
    including two years directly supporting Tony Robbins and coaching the speakers on his stage.
  • Having columns in Curve Magazine, VICE, Huffington Post and speaking at Yale, Brown, and multiple conferences.
  • Going to film school and being told I could never make it as a fat lesbian – and turning that rejection into a (soon-to-be) bestselling book.

Throughout it all, I continued to devour books, study story, and practice my craft of writing.

Here’s what I know


You have a story inside of you longing to get out.

You’re tired of the grind killing your creativity and miss the days when you wrote poems, made up stories, and fingerpainted simply because you loved to do it.

You’ve gotten some success in your life, maybe even more than your peers, but it’s cost you that bright spark of life that you used to have – and you’re ready to claim it back.

You’re ready to tell a different story. You’re ready to live a more aligned life. You’re ready to do more than just make money and run a business – you’re ready to leave a lasting legacy.

Let’s Work


Everything I create is collaborative.

While I am the best in the world at harnessing the power of storytelling – a fact I can back up with my impressive resume and long list of testimonials – I am not the expert on your story. You are.

Every workshop I offer, every coaching call I do, every project I take on is rooted in the belief that you know best when it comes to your needs, wants, and desires in life. I’m just here to help you shut off the noise, tune into yourself, and ask that little voice inside of you what it needs to say to the world.

Yes, I have structured outlines, detailed checklists, and concrete solutions for you. But first and foremost, my work is about attuning yourself to your own voice and finding ways to amplify it on your own terms.

Work with


Let’s make some magic together.

I love to work with people in three containers:

  • Workshops and workbooks – a great starting point if you’re new here or you want support on a very specific topic.
  • Write Your Friggin’ Book Already® – the best writing community on the Internet, and the only one I know that centers diverse entrepreneurs.
  • Story Coaching – personalized experiences working one-on-one with me to support the stories you tell in your personal and professional life.
Group of people holding their hands up in victory.