The largest, most grandiose and awe-inspiring living thing in the world is a scarred Sequoia tree tucked away in the mountains of California.

She (for even though her name is General Sherman, with this kind of fortitude, perseverance and strength she must be a woman) stands tall and proud as people from all over the world come to stare at her sacred beauty.

Men have wanted to cut her down, to chop her up, to profit off of her body. For many years, she watched as her sisters were splintered, truncated, shipped to far away lands so men could show them off at World Fairs as sideshow freaks.

People called them the California hoax. They could not believe that kind of grandiosity exists in the world.

But it does. I’ve witnessed it firsthand.

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I’ve stood at the base of Giant Sequoias.
I’ve watched a mother give birth.
I’ve danced inside a still-living hollowed out tree.
I’ve held a friend’s hand as she bravely stood up to her rapist in court. I’ve seen giant plants grow out of tiny little seeds. I’ve witnessed you transform from hiding in the shadows to basking in the sun.

I’ve watched the world burn down around me.
I’ve seen new life emerge out of the ashes.

“Every time you go into the fire, you come out with a new life and it’s better than the last one.” – Martha Beck

Just like a forest, you too need to clear out old debris, making room for new growth to emerge.

So, grab your journal and answer these two questions:

  1. What needs to burn in my life?
  2. What do I want to grow in its place?

If you feel like sharing, let me know at

With love and fiery light,


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