Do you have an amazing story idea but just can’t find the time to write it?

Maybe you’ve even written a few chapters of your book, but your self-doubt has kept you from finishing it.

Writing takes patience and practice, but it also takes support and accountability.

You don’t have to go at it alone.

I always wanted to write more, but I felt so obligated to be some profound and prolific writer. Frankly, I didn’t know how to motivate myself to do something that felt so daunting. Lauren showed me that you don’t have to write a masterpiece to be a writer, you just have to write. Jenny Kindschy

coaching client and retreat attendee

the Accountability and support you need

To be a writer, you must write. It’s as simple as that.

Sadly, writer’s block, life commitments, self-doubt, social media, familial obligations often distract you from sitting your ass in the chair and writing.

Without an accountability program with concrete goals and deadlines, you’ll never get your story out in the world.

I have helped thousands of people overcome self-doubt to turn their goals into easily achievable action steps.


Lauren is an intuitive, highly specific badass teacher and coach. I write plays, and was jammed up creatively when we met … Lauren respectfully listened to my objections and heard what was underneath. She made concrete suggestions and encouraged me to make my own rules. I have not missed a day of writing since – and eventually I wrote a play that was performed in New York!
Martha Garvey

coaching client and playwright

setting you up for success


Concrete Goals

Designed to help you define your writing goals, break them down into smaller actions, and establish an accountability program with concrete deadlines to help you achieve your dreams.

Empathetic Accountability

Your mental blocks are real and valid, but they’re also keeping you from achieving your dreams. My coaching is based in empathetic accountability, meaning I will never invalidate your feelings but will help you to move past them to achieve your goals.

Practical Help

Yes, you will get loads of inspiration and motivation, but more importantly you’re going to get solutions for your problems, whether it’s overcoming writer’s block or figuring out what to do with your piece once it’s written.

The goal of my coaching is simple:


what makes me qualified to help you

I have a B.A. in Cinema with an emphasis in screenwriting and a J.D. from University of Oregon School of Law. That means I can provide you with left-brain logistical solutions to your right-brain creative problems.

For over six years, I ran the critically-acclaimed blog and have thirteen years of writing for and appearing in multiple publications including VICE, Curve, Huffington Post, Glamour, xoJane, Nerve, and Bustle. That means I know the blogging, magazine, and website industries and their leaders.

I’ve written five novels, have an agent and have gone through the traditional publishing process, and self-published the book Bawdy Love: 10 Steps to Profoundly Loving Your Body. That means I can help you decide whether to go through the traditional publishing process or to publish your book yourself.

An industry leader, I’ve been invited to speak at the top conferences and colleges, including Yale, Brown, University of Oregon, BlogHer, Catalyst Con, Wordstock, San Diego Writer’s Conference, San Miguel de Allende Writer’s Conference, and BinderCon. That means I am up-to-date with industry standards and understand the needs of writers from all over the globe.

That’s all a bunch of fancy stuff for my resume, though. This is the only thing that matters: I care that your story is told.


I want to help you experience the transformative power of discovering your story and telling it to the world.

What other writers are saying

Don’t just take it from me, let these accomplished authors do the talking!
Spend time with, listen to, or read the words of Lauren Marie Fleming and she’ll do one thing – serve you the permission you’ve been looking for on a decadent golden platter. Her work allows all of us to be unapologetically ourselves, no matter what size, shape, color or flavor we come in. The world needs more Lauren Marie Fleming. Steph Jagger

executive coach and author of the best-selling book Unbound: A story of snow and self-discovery

Lauren is one of the most beautifully sincere people I have ever had the gift of meeting. Her experience runs deep, her perseverance is inspiring. Whether dancing in the sunshine or weathering the storm of life, she is a friend and a mentor – her words are music to my soul.

Lauren ignites a tiny spark inside me to fan the flames into the seldom reached corners of my mind rife with insecurity and doubt, making my uncertainties vanish as my self confidence reemerges and I begin to realize my individual potential and accept myself as I am. I am grateful to her!

jessica drake

AVN award-winning actress and director of the jessica drake's Guide to Wicked Sex series

Empathic and unwavering, with her trademark wisdom, wit and winsome personality, Lauren’s philosophy and tools for healing self-hatred shepherds us into a new mental paradigm – one in which we come to recognize our unique beauty … instead of denying and hiding it. I’ve seen Lauren transform lives, by empowering her student to move through the shame and fear they’ve kept inside for so long, and arrive at a place where they see themselves the way they really are – beautiful.

Elle Chase

author of Curvy Girl Sex, sex & body image coach

Lauren challenged and inspired me to begin journaling every day. This became a sacred daily ritual that has guided me through a deeply transformative year. I would not be who I am today without this potent practice and the depth of learning it brings. Thanks, Lauren!
Kirsten Gallagher

blogger at

Every once in a while you have a conversation where you can feel yourself becoming a stronger and healthier version of who you are. That was exactly what happened during my coaching session with Lauren. She gave me the tools I needed to better handle uncomfortable situations as well as creating a feeling of security in myself.
James Barnes

coaching client

My [business coaching] sessions with Lauren are the best part of my week. I always leave our sessions with my needs met AND my cup full of warmth, laughter, and genuine delight. She reminds me that there is so much to love and appreciate, even in those moments when I’m struggling.
Adrienne Black

Letters from Lauren

Letters from Lauren

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