It’s Day One of the #ShowMeYourBawdy photo challenge, where you are encouraged to love and embrace your body as it is right now!
Today’s theme is Bikini Bawdy (but you’re welcome to post any bathing suit you want). I NEVER thought I’d wear a bikini. I loathed my back fat rolls and always thought they needed to be covered. The first time I put on a bikini about four years ago, @truefat told me “aww you have the cutest back fat rolls! I just love them so.” Her comment changed my life, making me rethink how I view my body in a bikini. 

Now I practically live in bikinis during the summer. I’ve found some great comfy ones that fit my body at Forever 21, Lane Bryant, Torrid, and Swimsuits For All (where I got this one). I love not having to take my whole suit off to pee, I love the options of mixing and matching tops and bottoms, and I even love showing off my beach body — something I never thought I would. 

Whatever you swim in, know your body is rocking. It’s a fact. Every body is worthy and beautiful. Anyone who says anything else is trying to sell you something. It’s time to stop buying it.

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