Loving your body for the way it can move, pole dancing, and sweating glitter, on Episode 10 of the Bawdy Love Podcast.

Roz the Diva was once stuck in the grind of trying to achieve an ideal body through endless cardio. After one pole dancing class piqued her curiosity, she grew to find strength in her body and soul to shed the idea of normative beauty standards and love herself for the sexy athlete she is. Her newfound confidence led to a stint on America’s Got Talent and a career helping others celebrate the amazing ways their bodies can move.

In this episode, we discuss Roz’s journey as she quit her job and fulfilled her dreams as a personal trainer. We talk about what people expect of pole dancers and how Roz, as a plus-sized woman of color, more closely resembles the incredibly diverse people who take up the sport than the normate women we typically imagine.

Take a listen.

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