Freak bodies, societal norms, ableism, and why your doctor is often wrong, on Episode 3 of the Bawdy Love Podcast.

When we as a society deem “healthy” bodies as right and worthy, and “unhealthy” bodies as gross and wrong, we set all of us up for failure. Because like it or not, all health is temporary. Not only is all health temporary, but most people cannot and will not ever attain these subjective standards of health that we put on all of us. What does this standard do for the worth of someone born with a disease, fighting cancer, or using a wheelchair? Are they less valuable?

In our interview, Dr. Martina Shabram and I discuss what happens to the psyche of society as a whole when we are constantly being told our bodies are not good enough, that happiness, love and worth are all attainable only if we eat less and exercise more, that our value can be judged by our size, that our worth resides in the ableness of our bodies.

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