What it means to be a plus-size person of color practicing yoga, breaking stereotypes, and DIY yoga, on Episode 7 of the Bawdy Love Podcast.

Known for posting her headstands and backbends on Instagram, Jessamyn Stanley didn’t always love yoga – in fact, her first Bikram session was anything but relaxing. But years later, she found respite and spiritual curiosity in yoga amidst crushing depression. Now, Jessamyn is in love with yoga and inspires women of all sizes to embrace their bodies and try yoga through her blog and Instagram.

In this episode, we talk about the many barriers to entry that new yoga practitioners face – from financial to spiritual. We discuss what the stereotypical practitioner looks like (white, thin, wealthy woman) and the cultural appropriation that accompanies some Western practices. Jeesamyn also gives you some tips for DIY practice in your own home with your own props.

Listen to the podcast!

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