What it means to be “The Ultimate Man”, the emotional transformations that accompany physical changes, and creating businesses that give back to your community, on Episode 8 of the Bawdy Love Podcast.

Aydian Dowling is an activist, an entrepreneur, and a role model gaining world-wide recognition as the lead contender in Men’s Health Magazine’s search for the “Ultimate Men’s Health Guy” 2015. If selected, he will be the first trans man on the cover of a mainstream men’s magazine.

So much of the narrative surrounding Aydian Dowling is about his body, but his emotional transformation has been even more powerful. In this episode, we discuss the journey that Aydian has taken to feel complete within himself and how that has contributed to the wider trans community. We also discuss the ways in which he created his clothing company Point5CC as a way to support other trans people through their transitions.

Be sure to also check out next week’s podcast, where we’ll chat with Aydian’s wife, Jenilee Dowling, about the various ways in which she helps people heal their body trauma, and the body-image pressure of being wife to “The Ultimate Guy.”

Take a listen.

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