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Q&A: How do you deal with feeling sad in the gloomy winter months?

This week’s Bawdy Love Q&A: How do you deal with feeling sad in the gloomy winter months?

When you live near the 45th parallel like I do, winter means colder weather and shorter days. Yet while the forests critters around us go into hibernation, we humans try to push through the dark and cold, staying active and checking everything off our to-do lists. But it’s hard, because we’re not too different from those forest critters.

The short answer? Remember that you are allowed to hibernate, too. Your best self in the winter might not be the same as your best self in the summer — and that’s totally okay.

The long answer? Take a listen to find out.

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Topics covered in this conversation include:

winter, warmth, light, darkness, happiness, seasonal affective disorder, sadness, depression

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