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Lauren is available to write and speak on the following topics:

  • The efficacy (or lack thereof) of dieting and the unhealthy side effects of diet culture.
  • Tips and tools for feeling comfortable and confident in your skin, no matter what your body’s size, shape, or ability.
  • Embracing your sensuality and sexual desires at any size.
  • Ways to practice self-care and bring decadence into your daily life, even when busy and broke.
  • What watching my younger brother die of cancer taught me about living an audaciously authentic life.
  • Queer politics, including growing up queer in a conservative town, bridging the gap between conservative about radical queer politics, and/or the perils and perks of dating trans* folks.
  • Using open-relationship and polyamorous skills to decrease competition and jealousy in the workplace while increasing harmony and ease in your workday.

Official bio:

Lauren Marie Fleming takes the guilty out of pleasure. An audacious storyteller, she wrote the book Bawdy Love: 10 Steps to Profoundly Loving Your Body, hosts the Bawdy Love podcast, and leads the #BawdyLove revolution, a movement to banish shame and fill our lives with decadence, delight, and joy.

From crowds of thousands to groups of six, Lauren facilitates life-changing conversations with her motivational speaking, intensive workshops, and intimate retreats. Through her work, Lauren has helped people all over the globe silence their inner critics, connect with their deeper Truths, and feel comfortable and confident in their bodies.

For six years, Lauren ran the acclaimed sex blog Queerie Bradshaw, but now you can find her writing, programs, and products at

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Short bio:

Lauren Marie Fleming takes the guilty out of pleasure. Author of Bawdy Love: 10 Steps to Profoundly Loving Your Body, Lauren speaks at conferences and colleges, teaches interactive workshops, and hosts intimate retreats all around the world. Read more of her work and connect with her at

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