Imagine what you could accomplish if you quit trying to change who you are, and instead spent all of your precious time, money, and energy on thriving as you are.


Here are the programs, products, and resources I offer to help you take the guilty out of pleasure and thrive in a life you love to live.

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Books, eBooks, and Audiobooks

Like having a friend hold your hand, Bawdy Love will be your companion, guide, and comfort as you do the hard, funny, scary, exhilarating, and powerful work of changing how you view your body, your universe, and your life. It’s good to have a friend, and Lauren, through this book, is an especially good friend to have.

Dr. Martina Shabram, PhD

Bawdy Love: 10 Steps to Profoundly Loving Your Body

I know what it’s like to hate your body. I know what it’s like to live in a world that’s constantly telling you are not good enough, that you and your body are not worthy (and probably never will be) of love, acceptance, and respect, simply because of your size, shape, presentation, color, or ability. And, most importantly, I know what it takes to combat those negative messages and live a thriving, fun, connected, and joyful life.

Bawdy Love: 10 Steps to Profoundly Loving Your Body is a life-changing program in book form set around three simple goals:

  • Taking the guilty out of the pleasures in your life (and encouraging you to make decadence a daily occurrence).
  • Helping you feel comfortable and confident in your body as you are right now, right here.
  • Making you feel connected to a body-positive community all around the world, one that supports you along this path towards radical self-love.

A uniquely beautiful book, Bawdy Love is a journal, workbook and coloring book all in one. The Bawdy Building exercises within it help you delve into the sources of your insecurities, expose your Big Inner Truths (here’s a hint: you were born loving yourself and deep down you still do), and create a world for yourself full of positive influences and joyful experiences. Sprinkled with humor and beautiful illustrations from artist Liza Mana Burns, Bawdy Love entertains, inspires, and encourages you to keep expanding, keep growing, and never shrink away again.


Purchase your physical book copy via Amazon today. Audiobook and ebook versions coming June 2016.

Coaching and Retreats

My afternoon teas with Lauren are the best part of my week.  I always leave our sessions with my needs met AND my cup full of warmth, laughter, and genuine delight. She reminds me that there is so much to love and appreciate, even in those moments when I’m struggling.  Afternoon teas are my sanctuary.

Adrienne Black

  • Learn more about how I can help you live audaciously and feel more comfortable and confident in your body here.
  • Learn more about how I can help you ditch the starving artist cliché and make a living doing what you love here.
  • Learn more about the decadence, connection, healing and fun at my retreats here.
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Spend time with, listen to, or read the words of Lauren Marie Fleming and she'll do one thing - serve you the permission you've been looking for on a decadent golden platter. Her work allows all of us to be unapologetically ourselves, no matter what size, shape, color or flavor we come in. The world needs more Lauren Marie Fleming.

Steph Jagger

author of the best-seller UNBOUND and executive life coach

Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Lauren is one of the most beautifully sincere people I have ever had the gift of meeting. Her experience runs deep, her perseverance is inspiring. Whether dancing in the sunshine or weathering the storm of life, she is a friend and a mentor - her words are music to my soul. 

She ignites a tiny spark inside me to fan the flames into the seldom reached corners of my mind rife with insecurity and doubt, making my uncertainties vanish as my self confidence reemerges and I begin to realize my individual potential and accept myself as I am. I am grateful to her!

jessica drake

AVN award-winning actress and director of the jessica drade's Guide to Wicked Sex series

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Coaching with Lauren gives me the same feeling I get after spending a weekend with my best friend, building one another up with unconditional love. In just half an hour, I can go from feeling worthless to feeling like I can take on the world. She provides me with such a unique perspective on body image, weight, and mental health in such a genuine, caring way.

Lauren provides me with the tools to love my flawed body and to thrive within it. She inspires me to be better to myself at a time in my life when I rarely feel like I deserve it. Lauren is blazing the path towards radical self love and I’m behind her 100%!


Jenny Kindschy

Coaching client and Bawdy Love retreat participant

There are few experiences in your life that deeply change you; I can honestly say that Bawdy Love has that affect. I love Lauren’s ability to blend humor and honesty while delivering such a powerful message. This book ins’t just a one time read either, I am so excited to reread it over and over during different phases of my life. I cannot praise this book enough!

James Barnes

If you’ve ever struggled with body shame or let your own feelings about how you look dictate your life choices, then you will find Lauren Marie Fleming's Bawdy Love revelatory. Empathic and unwavering, with her trademark wisdom, wit and winsome personality, Lauren’s philosophy and tools for healing self-hatred shepherds us into a new mental paradigm - one in which we come to recognize our unique beauty, sexiness and desirability instead of denying and hiding it. I've seen Lauren transform lives, by empowering her student to move through the shame and fear they've kept inside for so long, and arrive at a place where they see their bodies the way they really are - beautiful.

Elle Chase

author of Curvy Girl Sex, sex & body image coach

Lauren's work encourages the world to love their bodies regardless of gender, body type or size in a society that encourages us to shame our bodies on so many levels. Lauren's work positively contributes to the much needed shift in how we all feel inside of our bodies reminding us that we are all worthy of loving the reflection we see in the mirror, without exception.

Aydian Dowling

Trans activist, entrepreneur, and owner of Point 5cc

Having tea with Lauren is like having a date with someone who is already totally into you. Which in a way, Lauren is. Lauren wants you, me and everyone to succeed, to be the people we want to be, to love ourselves without reserve- right now, right here, no exceptions.

When we met there was not a moment of awkwardness- our conversation was open, free and incredibly beneficial. She found the exact words I needed to hear, encouraging me to go out and take my life by the reins, to see the signs life was sending me, to be joyful and passionate in my own body. Lauren's sunny disposition, her questions and her genuine interest make any conversation with her incredibly invigorating and empowering, and having a hot mug of tea to go along with that makes the experience incomparable.

Claire Palzer

Bawdy Love program participant and coaching client

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and found yourself immediately criticizing what you saw (and who hasn’t?), Bawdy Love will give you the tools and confidence to return that critical gaze with a kinder, healthier one that’s sure to improve your life in innumerable ways.

Rachel Kramer Bussel

Editor, Curvy Girls: Erotica for Women

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