You were a boisterous child. I can say that with confidence because I’ve yet to meet a child who is not boisterous. Yes, some are shy and barely make a noise, but all kids are lively, animated, and a bit out of control.

So teachers, parents, and society are constantly trying to get kids under their control.

A good kid is a calm, quiet, well-mannered, subservient, willing to do what adults tell her to do without hesitation or question.

She doesn’t upset her parents. She listens to her teachers. She absolutely does not question authority.

Sounds horrible, right?

It’s a good thing you’re all grown up and can say and do whatever you want now!

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Except dammit, you can’t. Because you still live in a society trying to control you and those voices are still in your head telling you to sit down and shut up.

“Shut up” can come in a variety of ways:

  • You would look so pretty if you wore more feminine clothes.
  • Law school is really expensive and hard, why don’t you become a legal secretary instead.
  • Be a good girl and do this for me.
  • He’s not going to buy the cow if he gets the milk for free.
  • Boys don’t cry.
  • Do you really think you can make a living as a writer?

How did people try to silence you as a kid?

How are people trying to silence you now?


Writer’s block is simply fear and the things we fear the most are often by-products of our childhood.

Understanding how you were and are silenced is the key to finding your voice.

So, who silenced you? And what are you going to write to gain back your voice?

Let me know in the comments below.

With lots of loud laughter and bawdy behavior!


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