33 Asks™

Making marketing your creative projects fun, simple, and profitable.

Learn the fun, simple, and creative technique I’ve used to:
  • Bring over $150,000 into my business.
  • Get 8 literary agents interested in my novel.
  • Double my book deal advance.
  • Get romantic dates.
  • And be featured on major media outlets including Good Morning America!

All by using stickers and journaling to strategically put myself out there and ask for what I want.


A technique I’m excited to teach you in this workshop!

Does this sound familiar?

You're frustrated with algorithms and disingenuous marketing techniques.

33 Asks starts and ends with a mutually beneficial situation that’s full of heart, abundance, and gratitude – ditching all those sleazy marketing techniques that make every feel gross.

You're tired of feeling broke no matter how much money you make.

Capitalism tries to make you believe that you’ll never have enough money to make your dreams come true, but 33 Asks™ will remind you that you’re connected to a community full of abundance – all you have to do is ask.

You're afraid to put yourself and your work out there and be rejected.

At it’s core, 33 Asks is about building resilience. It reminds us that it’s okay to be vulnerable, to put yourself out there and ask for what you want. In fact, that’s where all great adventures in life start.

AK MacKeller photo, white non-binary person wearing a black hoodie and curly hair

33 Asks dramatically changed how I view my sales process! I was struggling with profits and sign ups, and Lauren coached me on the strategy. I used it for a webinar and had a huge turn out!

I made over $1,500! I still use the structure of 33 Asks for sales and swear by it!

James Barnes
The Trans Coach

I used to be paralyzed by my fear of rejection.

Every time I had to promote my courses or books, I would get overwhelmed, anxious, and pessimistic. I’ve never been shy, but I found myself unwilling to talk at all about the things that mattered to me.

My business and personal life suffered because I was so paralyzed by my fear of rejection. I wasn’t dating, I wasn’t making money in my business, and I wasn’t publishing my books.

How has a fear of rejection held you back?

We’ve all had our tipping points, and mine came in 2021 when I found my perfect home and realized if I wanted to buy it I would need to 10x my income.

That felt impossible. But instead of letting fear stop me, I let it propel me forward.

I threw out everything I thought I knew about marketing and sales and created my own systemone that was simple, repeatable, and full of colorful pens and stickers.

That’s when I developed this magical tool I call

33 Asks™

Since 2021, this fun, creative, and simple technique has brought in over $150,000 in my business, helped me get an agent and a book deal, got me out dating again, and led to confidence in myself as a creative entrepreneur.

I was even invited to talk about 33 Asks™ on Good Morning America!

Resilience is the key to abundance.

Hi, I’m Lauren, and I want to help you overcome a fear of rejection so you can get your creative projects out into the world.

In my thirty years as a story coach, I have worked with some of the top writers, motivational speakers, and educators in the world.

You know what the #1 secret to success is in all of them?


Whether you want to hit the NYTimes Bestseller’s list, be seen on national TV, or simply make enough money to thrive as a creative in capitalism – your dreams require you to build resilience.

I started 33 Asks because my fear of rejection was making me play small, keeping me from putting myself out there with my writing and in my business. It has completely changed the way I live, and yes love! I’ve used it to make money, get a book deal and get romantic dates!

The abundance 33 Asks™ brings to my life feels like magic every time I do it, and I’m excited to share this magical tool with you.

Lauren is one of the brilliant maestros. She knows how to direct you … to bringing out the magic in every aspect of your work.

I am so grateful for Lauren’s support and guidance … She helped to beautifully weave things together to have the most profound impact. Lauren is incredible at truly stretching us to reach that higher level of performance. Thank you Lauren, so grateful for your guidance.

Siri Lindley

World-Champion Triathlete, Coach and Speaker, author of Finding a Way


Join us LIVE July 17 – 21

Get the full magic of 33 Asks plus everything you need to implement it in your life and business.

Workshop + Workbooks

Everything you need to implement the process.

Not only will you get the core 33 Asks material to help you implement this fun, creaive, and simple process into your business and life, you’ll also get bonus material to inspire and educate you along the way.

Plus, you’ve got lifetime access to the classroom, so you’ll be able to use 33 Asks again and again on the path to making your dream come true.

Expert Coaching

Learn from one of the top story coaches in the world.

Lauren has worked with some of the most successful, accomplished, and influential people in the world – from world-champion athletes to self-help megastars, best-selling authors to movie producers – and now she’s bringing those decades of expertise to you!

Want some more hands on support? Enroll in VIP and get 2 one-on-one coaching calls with Lauren.


Camaraderie + Accountability

A Facebook group full of dreamers and doers like you.

You’re 92% more likely to make a dream come true if you have the accountability of friends and colleagues. Join our group of diverse creatives and entrepreneurs all dedicated to putting ourselves out there and asking for support in making our dreams come true.

Coaching Calls

Learn how to implement the content.

These powerful pre-recorded coaching calls deep dive into the content and allow you to learn more about the magic of each step from Lauren. Plus, you get to learn from how others are implementing 33 Asks in their businesses and lives. 

AK MacKeller photo, white non-binary person wearing a black hoodie and curly hair

Lauren’s 33 Asks Challenge has revolutionized the way I run my business and live my life!!

Seriously, this is life changing stuff. It’s all about putting yourself out there, asking for what you want and watching as the universe ushers it into your arms.

Lauren is an INCREDIBLE coach and human being who will have your back in all the scary moments before you hit send on your asks — because it will be scary and a little out of your comfort zone (in a good way!).

Whether you’re applying it to scaling your business, finding your next client, job-hunting or your dating life (yes it all applies), you’re going to find just what you need in this workshop.

If you’re ready to change your life, your business and how you see the world, 33 Asks is FOR YOU. 

AK MacKellar
Founder, Free To Move

Your dreams are only an ask away.

Join us and build resilience, abundance, and creativity into your business and life!

33 Asks is free to participants of my Write Your Friggin’ Book Already® program. If you’re in WYFBA, email us for your free code to join.

Join us today!

Lauren taught my 33 Asks and I’ve used it for everything from securing a podcast brand partner (on the second ask!) to hitting financial goals in my business. Highly recommended!

Katie Treggiden

Purpose-driven writer & speaker championing a circular approach to craft & design, author of multiple books including Wasted: When Trash Becomes Treasure, and Broken: Mending and Repair in a Throwaway World


33 Asks will give you the confidence you need to hit your creative professional goals.

Here are just a few of the benefits of the 33 Asks technique:


Simplify your marketing.

You don’t need fancy funnels or algorithm appeasing dance moves. 33 Asks helps you get yourself and your work out there in a more organic, simple, and fun way.


Reward yourself for persevering.

Remember when you were a kid and you got a sticker for doing something good? 33 Asks is the adult version of that! With rewards built in along the way, your brain will get all the dopamine hit it needs to keep going towards your goal.


Bring fun and creativity into goal getting.

Typical to-do lists are boring and overwhelming, often leaving you feeling like you have more on your plate than you started with! 33 Asks is built around playfulness and fun, making the process of going after your goals a heckuva lot more enjoyable.


Amplify your impact.

The techniques you’ll learn in this workshop are all based around personal connections, allowing you to have a greater impact on the people that you reach.


Create long-lasting relationships.

Not only will you connect with your fellow 33 Ask workshop attendees, but you’ll also use this program to deeply connect with your ideal clients, readers, and community support members.


Gain confidence in your ability to make money.

While we cannot guarantee any results, espeically financially, both Lauren and her clients have seen significant increases in their profits after using 33 Asks. Why? Because we’re no longer afraid to ask people to work with us! 33 Asks gives you the confidence to promote your products in a way that feels great to you and your clients.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the questions we get asked the most about 33 Asks.


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Do I have to run a business to join?

33 Asks was built to support small business owners and authors trying to make more money off of their writing. However, it’s been used by people to support non-profits of their choice, boost their online following, start a side hustle, and get a raise at work! So if it’s calling to you, you’re welcome.

When will I get access to this program?

As soon as you enroll in the program, you’ll get access to the classroom. You’ll immediately get the calendar and welcome material. The core content will go live on July 13, when you’ll be able to get the workshop and worksheets for 33 Asks. We will also have live calls July 17-21 and you will get the recording for those calls within two hours of the calls themselves.


Is there live coaching?

You have access to pre-recorded live coaching calls in the classroom, plus your questions answered in the Facebook group. You also have lifetime access, so when Laurn runs live coaching again you can join for free! (The plan is to run live coaching about 3-4x a year.)

How is the content delivered?

We use a site called Thinkific to host all our workshops. It’s easy to use and our clients love it. If you have any issues with tech, you can email us at courses@laurenmariefleming.com anytime. 

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, we have an option to pay $111 for 3 months.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

If, within 30 days of enrolling, you watch all the videos, fill out the worksheets, participate in the group, come to the lives, and still don’t feel more resilient and confident, email us and we’ll refund your money.

What if I need support?

If at any time you get stuck, you can email us at courses@laurenmariefleming.com and we’ll help you out. You can also go into the 33 Asks Facebook group for support as well.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes! It is our company policy to offer at least 10% of spots in all our programs as scholarship. 

If you are excited about 33 Asks but do not currently have the funds to pay full price, we encourage you to email us at courses@laurenmariefleming.com with “33 ASKS SCHOLARSHIP” in the subject line to learn more about scholarships.

Please note first that we have found in the past that people who pay nothing at all don’t show up, so we ask scholarship participants to pay something to join.

For 33 Asks, we have partial scholarships of $33 and full scholarships of $3.33.

Peace of mind guarantee.

I know that you will feel more confident and resilient in your life thanks to 33 Asks.

But, if, within 30 days of enrolling, you watch the videos, fill out the worksheets and implement the program, and still don’t find yourself feeling more resilient and confident in life, I’ll refund your money within 30 days of purchase.

Lauren is a master in helping you feel comfortable and confident telling your story.

With patience and kindness she listened to me talk and then helped me draw out the most impactful and powerful parts of my story.

In everything she does, you can feel Lauren’s passion and love for helping people tell their stories, especially people who are often silenced in our world.  I’m so glad I met Lauren and so grateful that she is my story coach and friend.

– Alejandro Chabán

Actor, Telenovela Star, Television Host, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Founder & CEO of Yes You Can!™

Your dreams are only an ask away.

Join us and build resilience, abundance, and creativity into your business and life!

33 Asks is free to participants of my Write Your Friggin’ Book Already® program. If you’re in WYFBA, email us for your free code to join.