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Bawdy Love™ is a revolution, a loud declaration that no body is shameful and everybody is worthy of love, acceptance and respect.


I am worthy of love right now, right here, no exceptions. My voice deserves to be heard, my body deserves to be seen, my soul deserves to be nourished. I do not have to earn decadence, joy, and pleasure. Thriving is my birth-right.

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What people are saying about Lauren and the Bawdy Love revolution:

My afternoon teas with Lauren are the best part of my week.  I always leave our sessions with my needs met AND my cup full of warmth, laughter, and genuine delight. She reminds me that there is so much to love and appreciate, even in those moments when I’m struggling.  Afternoon teas are my sanctuary.

Adrienne Black


Coaching with Lauren gives me the same feeling I get after spending a weekend with my best friend, building one another up with unconditional love. In just half an hour, I can go from feeling worthless to feeling like I can take on the world. She provides me with such a unique perspective on body image, weight, and mental health in such a genuine, caring way.

Lauren provides me with the tools to love my flawed body and to thrive within it. She inspires me to be better to myself at a time in my life when I rarely feel like I deserve it. Lauren is blazing the path towards radical self love and I’m behind her 100%!

Jenny Kindschy

Coaching client and Bawdy Love retreat participant

Having tea with Lauren is like having a date with someone who is already totally into you. Which in a way, Lauren is. Lauren wants you, me and everyone to succeed, to be the people we want to be, to love ourselves without reserve- right now, right here, no exceptions.

When we met there was not a moment of awkwardness- our conversation was open, free and incredibly beneficial. She found the exact words I needed to hear, encouraging me to go out and take my life by the reins, to see the signs life was sending me, to be joyful and passionate in my own body. Lauren’s sunny disposition, her questions and her genuine interest make any conversation with her incredibly invigorating and empowering, and having a hot mug of tea to go along with that makes the experience incomparable.

Claire Palzer

Bawdy Love program participant and coaching client

Every once in a while you have a conversation where you can feel yourself becoming a stronger and healthier version of who you are. That was exactly what happened during my coaching session with Lauren. She gave me the tools I needed to better handle uncomfortable situations as well as created a feeling of security in myself.

James Barnes