Everyone deserves decadence, pleasure, joy, and fun, no matter their finances.

That’s why I offer scholarship spots and sliding scale payment options for all of my programs, including my Bawdy Love retreat.

Which best describes you?

  • I really need this retreat but absolutely can’t spare a dime right now – apply below for a scholarship!
  • I’d love to come but money is tight – email info@LaurenMarieFleming.com to work out a sliding scale amount that you can afford.
  • I want to come and can afford full price – sign-up here


The full scholarship deadline (includes housing) has passed but we’ve saved a couple partial scholarship spots just for Portland locals or others who don’t need housing. 

The partial scholarship includes full access to the retreat and post-retreat members-only material. It does not include housing, travel, meals (some snacks and refreshments provided), and other miscellaneous expenses.


Apply for a scholarship to the Bawdy Love Retreat!

(The $100 deposit and July 1 deadline mentioned in the above video only applies to the full scholarship, which has already been awarded. The partial scholarship deadline is Aug. 10, and we ask partial scholarship recipients to provide some proof of their commitment to attending.)

To qualify for a scholarship, you must:

  • Submit a creative application (see below).
  • Not be able to afford the retreat otherwise.
  • Be dedicated to fully participating in the whole retreat.

To apply for a scholarship, find a creative way to answer the following three questions:

  1. Why Bawdy Love? (Why does this program resonate with you?)
  2. Why you? (Why do you need this program?)
  3. Why now? (How does this program fit into your overall desires and goals in life?)


You can do this in any way you wish – make a video for YouTube, post on Facebook about why you want to go to the retreat, make a card and Instagram a photo of it, tweet about your journey to loving your body, write a blog post about why this matters to you. Or simply write me a heart felt email.

You can do this. I believe in you.

After you finish your creative application, post it on social media with #BawdyLove, and tag me in it.

  • Twitter – @Laurenmf #BawdyLove.
  • Instagram – @QueerieBradshaw #BawdyLove.
  • Facebook – Lauren Marie Fleming #BawdyLove.
  • YouTube – Lauren Marie Fleming #BawdyLove.
  • Google+ – Lauren Marie Fleming #BawdyLove.


Once you’ve posted, email a link to your submission to Info@LaurenMarieFleming.com with the subject “Bawdy Love Retreat Scholarship Submission.” This helps ensure we see it.

In that email, please answer the three questions above in depth.

Partial scholarships are decided on a first-come basis, so get your application in now! Final deadline is Aug. 10.


Imagine what you could accomplish if you quit trying to change your body and instead spent all your precious time, money, and energy on thriving in it.

Join me for the Bawdy Love retreat August 27-30 in Portland, Oregon. Let’s thrive together.

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For more about the Bawdy Love retreat, check out the retreat page or this video below: