You guys. I finished the first solid draft of my novel! In 27 days! I feel like a motherfucking rockstar. 

This novel is far from done, there is so much character development and plot finessing and scene massaging to go, but the support beams on which I will build the depth of this novel are here — and they are stunning. 

I was told the one scene I’ve shared had “such beautiful vulnerability.” I’m remembering that as I delve deeper into this heart wrenching yet often hilarious world of Diana, a girl whose floundering in life, just like I have, just like we all have. 

Diana’s vulnerability is what makes her beautiful. This book’s vulnerability is what makes it powerful. My vulnerability is what makes me a writer. 

Here’s to making yourself vulnerable, taking giant leaps of faith, trusting your gut, and doing the work. Here’s to writing like a motherfucker. 

Thank you all so much for your continuous loving support,


PS did I mention I’m running around singing and laughing and crying because OMG I finished the first draft of this novel?!