When I was twelve, I got really into witchcraft – as did most girls who watched The Craft in theaters that year. But while my fellow junior high friends wanted love potions for the boys they liked and evil spells on the girls those boys liked, I wanted something stronger and deeper.

I wanted sisterhood.

More specifically, I wanted a sisterhood based around the concept that the earth has an intrinsic power we can tap into. I’d felt this power before – sleeping under the stars in the desert, jumping in the waves at the beach, watching the sun set over the mountains – and I wanted more of it in my life.

Flash forward twenty years, and I tap into that power every day of my life. I am surrounded by amazing feminine beings who make space for the wide range of emotions in my life, I take walks in nature to feel its power to bring calm and ease to my life, and I live in a house full of alters praising the wisdom of others – from Marilyn Monroe to the Virgin Mary, my great-grandmother to my young nieces and nephews.

For centuries, we labeled rowdy women as witches and burned them at the stake. Now we call them bitches and try to put out their fire.


Whatever you’re celebrating this weekend – Halloween, All Soul’s Eve, Samhain, Diá de los Muertos, All Soul’s Day, or simply time off work – take some time to embrace your witchy side. Branch out a little farther past your comfort zone. Love yourself and others just a little bit more. Seek out the wisdom of rowdy witches that came before you.

This weekend, be an uppity love rebel. Pass out compassion like candy. Gorge on gratitude. Dress up wearing whatever the hell you want, screw flattering.

This weekend, be the most authentic, loving, grounded, connected, peaceful version of yourself.

With love and light,