How can writing help you survive during political turmoil and have difficult conversations with your family and friends during this time of social unrest? Listen in to hear Lauren and Caroline talk about bridging the political divide through writing.

In this episode, Lauren is having a special and rather deep conversation with Caroline Rothstein. Caroline is an internationally acclaimed writer, poet, journalist, and performer, based in New York City. She and Lauren met years ago via Twitter, and ever since this happened, Lauren has been delighted by the way this magnificent artist puts her thoughts into words, making the online space what our host describes as “a bearable place” thanks to the thoughtful input she shares and her storytelling abilities.

Today, you’ll hear Lauren and Caroline talk about the challenges of being an artist in a capitalist world, the psychology of being a writer, Caroline’s activism through the written word, how creativity and art have helped heal her inner child, activism, social justice, and so much more!

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