Have you asked yourself the question, “Why didn’t anyone tell me about THIS?” when it came to writing and purpose? Transformative writing carries exactly that sentiment, and that is what Lauren and Jenn are talking about in this episode.

Jenn has been writing for many years publicly and privately. As a fat, queer person who doesn’t fit into society’s acceptable standards and understands the scientific side of fatness, she found a way to share her experiences and views through the written word. An intimate space where, amongst other things, she wrote about fat activism, liberation, and acceptance.

In this episode, Jenn shares how she uses writing as a transformative tool. She also talks about her journey to learning Spanish and how writing in this language has helped her shape a different understanding of the world. She talks about the risks she has taken writing fiction and how scary this can be. To Jenn, writing is more than just words on paper. It is a way to explore what lies deep within us, to find clarity, community, and bliss.

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