Go, Lauren! It’s your birthday!

The coolest and most talented writer, storyteller, podcaster, and entrepreneur, Lauren Marie Fleming, is turning 38 today! And here at School For Writers, we’ve decided this episode needed to be extra special, so we brought our awesome community manager, Stephanie (shoutout to Stephanie) to dig deeper into Lauren’s journey and ask the most genuine questions!

What an episode, you guys! This interview is intense, profound, vulnerable, and charming at the same time. Throughout the conversation, you’ll hear Lauren talk about everything from her favorite mac & cheese to how her writing career got started, from who inspired her creativity to the age she came out as a lesbian. She talks about her achievements (personal and professional), the limiting beliefs she’s conquered, the bright future she envisions for this podcast, and so much more. Happy birthday, Lauren! 38 looks great on you!

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