Ep. 18 Building a Writing Career from your Passions with Kevin Smokler

Hey School For Writers listeners! We’re back with another great episode and this time we’re welcoming our first male guest on the show!

Kevin Smokler is a writer, speaker, and filmmaker. His creative soul is known for forging stories, characters, and entire books based on daily life and popular culture.

This episode is packed with a great deal of inspiring jewels as Kevin joins Lauren to talk about all things writing and filmmaking. Throughout the conversation, you’ll hear them talk about the different definitions of success and what it means to be a successful writer. They talk about the amazing people Kevin’s gotten to meet in his career as a storyteller, how to gain confidence as a writer, and his explorative process for writing and finding things to write about.

We’re telling you, today’s episode is gold!

Be sure to listen until the end and learn more about how purpose influences Kevin’s passion for writing, how to fully exercise your gifts as a writer, his transition from writing to filmmaking, and so much more!

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