This episode is hot, you guys! Logan Rena is here today to talk all things empowerment, mindset, and self-efficacy for writers!

This talented Mississippi girl is a Certified Life Purpose Coach and speaker who has delivered over 350 talks to colleges, universities, business groups, forums, youth organizations, panels, and associations. She is also the author of the book Never Ask for Permission Again, where she walks you through how permitting yourself leads you to wholeness, friendship, self-love, purpose, and a fulfilling destiny.

In today’s episode, Logan talks about what it means to produce your own book, her thoughts around stigma against self-publishing, how to deal with procrastination as a writer, how to build good habits, and why self-confidence and having the right mindset are so important throughout your writing career.

Listen until the end of this fabulous episode to set yourself free from doubt and step into calling yourself a writer!

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