Ep. 32 45 Ways to Make Money as a Writer

Do you dream of being a full-time writer but doubt this is possible? Did you know people are making a living by following their love for writing?

Writing is a valid career. Making money as a writer is possible. And there are more ways than you might think! In today’s episode, Lauren shares 45 ways you can earn a full-time living as a writer. From speech writing to writing a novel, to working as a copywriter, these are real, profitable ways to start a lucrative writing career. Lauren has experienced this herself and is now making more money as a writer than she ever could have dreamed about making as a lawyer!

If she can do it, so can you! Need help jumpstarting your writing career? The School For Writers podcast delivers a wealth of knowledge every single week, so check out the recommended episodes at schoolforwriters.com/podcast and go write!

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