Today on the show, Lauren welcomes Kavita Das. Five years ago, Kavita transitioned from the world of social justice to the world of writing to tell the life story of Grammy-nominated Hindustani singer Lakshmi Shankar in her book Poignant Song: The Life and Music of Lakshmi Shankar. Aside from her amazing essays and articles, she also enjoys writing about social and cultural issues and encouraging diversity to find their own voices in the writing space.

In this episode, Lauren and Kavita chat about systemic racism behind rejection and how it plays into the publishing world. Kavita also shares what started her appetite for writing and specifically why she decided to write about someone else’s life. She also highlights the importance of joining a writing community and how it can not only help you find inspiration and motivation but also serve as a constant reminder that other people share the same passion as well. She tells all about her class – Writing About Social Issues, a 6-week non-fiction workshop that teaches how to write responsibly and ethically but also compellingly about social issues, and much more!

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