What is the legacy you want to leave? What do you want to be remembered for?

Lauren lost her brother to cancer almost nine years ago. And one of the things she remembers the most about him is how tremendous his passion for life was. During his last days and contrary to what his family wanted for him, he decided to make a trip to Yosemite as he knew this was the last time he could visit the area before having his jaw removed. This is a sad story, yes. And oftentimes, sharing sad stories is avoided. However, not sharing the positive impact Lauren’s brother left in this world would be a disservice to life itself.

Today’s episode is an invitation to live your life to the fullest, to not wait for the ¨right moment¨ to do what your heart truly desires, to not tuck your dreams away, and instead start living life before it’s over.

As you’ll hear Lauren mention, this is the last episode of the season. We are going to be away from the podcast and social media, and use this time to nourish our souls, go chase after more dreams, spend time with family, rest, and more importantly, live life to the fullest!

We will be back in January fully renewed and with more episodes and writerly inspiration for you. Until then, we hope you find your Yosemite.

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