How many times do you think famous authors were rejected before literary agents considered their work? How many query letters do writers have to send before landing a book deal? What is the best way to handle and overcome these rejections?

Want to know the answers to these questions? Then stick around until the end of this episode!

Today on the show we have the impressive, multi-award-winning author Jennifer Givhan. Jenn is a Mexican-American poet and novelist who has published more than 300 poems, stories, and creative nonfiction pieces and whose work has appeared in several media organizations around the United States.

In this episode, we’ll get into how Jenn has hustled her way as a writer, how her writing has evolved over the years, the negative stigma around being a writer, and much more!

Things you will learn in this episode: -How to deal with writer’s rejection -How to see rejection as an encouragement -How to know when your book is ready to be published -Why Jenn chose the traditional publishing path vs. self-publishing

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Resources mentioned in this episode: – Headless Mama by Jenn Givhan: – A Night Without Armor by Jewel:

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