This week on Bawdy Love: Sinclair Sexsmith on connecting to your body through BDSM

Exploring kink and connecting to your body and desires, on Episode 13 of the Bawdy Love Podcast.

Sinclair Sexsmith has come into new realizations of their identity over the years; early on as a queer feminist, later on as a genderqueer, butch top. With every transformation they have gained more and more confidence to express their needs and desires, as well as their identity.

In this episode, we discuss Sinclair’s entry into BDSM communities, how to develop a sense of confidence in one’s own sexual and gender identities, and how to create entry points for people new to the BDSM world. We learn that kink is something that can be explored by any consenting partners — and how partners can broach the subject and begin experimenting with kink.

Take a listen.

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