Do you love the idea of Bawdy Love: 10 Steps to Profoundly Loving Your Body, but aren’t ready to commit to buying the book? Or, do you love the book and want to share the goodness with your friends? I’ve got your back. This week on the Bawdy Love Podcast: The first chapter of the Bawdy Love Audiobook! Enjoy the taster — I loved writing and recording it for you.

Stay tuned for the full audiobook, which will be in the shop soon. Thanks to Ninkasi Brewing Company for letting me use their lovely recording space.

Connect more with Lauren and the Bawdy Love revolution:

Bawdy Love is a revolution, one full of people audacious enough to stand up and say “I am worthy of love as I am right here, right now, no exceptions. My body deserves to be seen, my voice deserves to be heard. I will not shrink. I will expand and thrive.”

Are you in?

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