Feelin’ Myself: Using dance to connect with your body, a free online workshop with Fat Girls Dance and Bawdy Love

Have you ever watched a kid dance? The unabashed movement, letting their body go whichever way it wants, not caring what anyone thinks about their rhythm, or lack thereof?

Do you still dance like that?

I’m going to guess probably not. Because sadly, as we grow, we’re taught to judge and be judged, especially for our bodies.

Fat Girls Dance (FGD) is trying to change that.

Founded by Cathleen Meredith, FGD is a relentless fem-led online movement towards body positivity and self-love through the celebration of dance​. For the past year, the group has posted a dance video a week, plus inspirational videos and images. Cathleen was even featured in a Dove commercial with Shonda Rhimes​!​

They’ve inspired thousands of people – including me! – to get up and dance, even if you feel awkward doing it.

Can you tell I’m fangirling out? I totally am! Which is why I asked Cathleen to co-host a workshop with me on using dance to connect with your body and push through your inner critic.



Join us July 26 (that’s in two days!) for Feeling’ Myself: Using dance to connect with your body, a free online workshop.

Click here to join us.

Can’t make it live? Sign-up and I’ll send you the link to watch the replay.

In the workshop, you’ll how dance can help you:

  • ​Practice self-love. (We’ll give you tips for connecting to your body, learning to love the way it moves, and embracing it fully.​)
  • Make a statement. (You’ll learn how dance can be a weapon to fight stereotypes of what fat bodies can and can’t do.​)
  • Join a community. (Combined, Fat Girls Dance Movement and Bawdy Love are full of 8,000+ loving, compassionate, badass people fighting to end stigma and shame.​)

Cathleen and I have been planning this for months, and I’m so excited it’s finally here. So come dance with us (dancing is optional but encourages)!

(This workshop is absolutely free and there’s not even a sales pitch at the end. The only thing we’re gonna try to sell you on is the fact that anyone can dance. Yes, that includes you! So join us for this inspiring workshop!)

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