As you’ve probably noticed, I can’t stop talking about journaling right now. Journaling has made a massive positive impact on my life and is my #1 tool for overcoming fear, self-doubt, my inner critic, outer criticism, grief and depression.

My journal helped me transform my life after my brother died, it was my best friend during a tumultuous breakup, and it has been a life coach as I continue to build my ideal career.

Which is why I’m hosting five days of free mini-workshops to share my journaling tips with you and hopefully encourage you to use this easy, portable tool to grow, expand, and fill your life with joy.

To join these mini-workshops, log-in to Facebook at 10 am PDT and go to the Lauren Marie Fleming writer page. The livestream should show up in my feed.

Have problems? Check out this page about joining FB Live events. You can also find your timezone here.

You’ll get the most out of the workshops by joining live and asking questions, but don’t worry, the link will be below for the ones you missed!

The topics I’ll be discussing each day are:

May 17, 10am PDT – The transformational power of journaling

A journal is your portable therapist, life coach, and best friend. I’ll show you how to how journaling has positively transformed my life and how it can do the same for you.

Watch the replay here.

May 18, 10am PDT – Journaling through depression and anxiety

Journaling is the greatest tool I have for dealing with my Borderline Personality Disorder and the subsequent depression, anxiety, and mood swings that come with it. I’ll share some of the tips I’ve learned and answer your questions.

Watch the replay here.

May 19, 10am PDT – 5 myths about journaling debunked

Journaling does not have to be hard or time-consuming, it doesn’t even have to involve writing. I’ll debunk some myths about journaling and help you move through your journaling blocks.

Watch the replay here.

May 20, 10am PDT – Using journaling to survive politics and the news

Today’s political climate is volatile and reading the news is anxiety-inducing. Learn how to use journaling to sort through information, unload your anxiety, and prioritize your activism.

Watch the replay here.

May 21, 10am PDT – Creating space for journaling in your life

You know journaling can be transformational and healing, but how do you find time to do it? I’ll share my tips for creating space in your life for regular journaling and answer your questions live.

Watch the replay here.

See you in the workshops!