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Bawdy Love: 10 Steps to Profoundly Loving Your Body is a life-changing program in book form set around three simple goals:

  • Taking the guilty out of the pleasures in your life (and encouraging you to make decadence a daily occurrence).
  • Helping you feel comfortable and confident in your body as you are right now, right here.
  • Making you feel connected to a body-positive community all around the world, one that supports you along this path towards radical self-love.

A uniquely beautiful book, Bawdy Love is a journal, workbook and coloring book all in one. The Bawdy Building exercises within it help you delve into the sources of your insecurities, expose your Big Inner Truths (here’s a hint: you were born loving yourself and deep down you still do), and create a world for yourself full of positive influences and joyful experiences. Sprinkled with humor and beautiful illustrations from artist Liza Mana Burns, Bawdy Love entertains, inspires, and encourages you to keep expanding, keep growing, and never shrink away again.

Grab your copy of this revolutionary book today.

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Lascivious Column on

Lascivious: Let Me Entertain You

How a farmer’s daughter raised by Republicans ended up a sexpert with a law degree, the girl who speaks at Ivy League schools about the legalities of sweaty stuff, and the newest sex columnist for VICE. (Read piece.)

Lascivious: My Bloody Valentine

Except for getting my blood drawn, seeing blood never bothered me. If anything, it intrigued and aroused me. But my relationship with blood changed drastically recently, and now my view of everything from sex to Valentine’s Day hearts is skewed. (Read piece.)

Lascivious: How to Hurt the Ones You Love

Let go of guilt and judgment over sexual desire and embrace exploration. Playing with pain and power in a healthy, happy way can bring you closer together as a couple. (Read piece.)

Lascivious: For the Love of Porn

Queer, feminist pornography teaches me that my body and the bodies of the people with whom I have sex are more than just something to gawk at. We are sexy as fuck and we are sexy while fucking. (Read piece.)

Are Porn Stars the Future of Modern Sex Education?

On the set of the Guide to Wicked Sex, where porn and real sex meet. (Read piece.)

True Stories: The End of an Era

The hook up that solidified that I’m a lesbian. (Read piece.)

NSFW Lesbosexy Sunday Special: The Ethics of Lust’s Inaugural Post

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The Ethics of Lust: On Interracial Relationships and Anti-Miscegenation Laws

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The Ethics of Lust: Your Dildo Might be Illegal

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Ethics of Lust: All About Scantily Clad Women

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Ethics of Lust: On the Legality of Stripping and Burlesque

Read piece. I Watched My Brother Die Of Cancer and It Completely Changed My Whole Life

I used to be the salacious sex blogger Queerie Bradshaw, but after my brother’s death I just couldn’t do it anymore. (Read piece.) What Happens When Blogs Are Valued by the Number of People Who Read Them?

No one can put a number of the value of intimate connection. (Read piece.)

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