Today is Leap Day, and today you must fly.

Every other Monday, you can drag your feet through your usual routine, your inner child pouting about having to go back to school/work/obligations. But you were just given an extra day, and you’re the kind of person who holds precious gifts like that to be sacred.

Sure, calendars are arbitrary and today could easily be just like any other day, but why would you want that? Why would you not take advantage of this permission slip to leap into the unknown?

So today, you’re going to take a few more risks, break a little more free of obligations and expectations. 

Today you’re going to face a fear (or two or twenty) head on, you’re going to have a difficult conversation you’ve been putting off, take on a new challenge you’ve been dreaming of, step farther into your greatness.

Today, you are going to take a giant running leap of faith.

Don’t worry about falling, the #BawdyLove community is here to catch you. Let us know what your leap is and how we can help you take it in the comments below or in our Facebook group:

Happy Leap Day!