Fight Holiday Body Shaming #BawdyLove Photo Challenge – Practice radical self-love this holiday season.

This holiday season, I’m dedicated to fighting body shaming, but I need your help!

First off, I’d love for you to be on my fight holiday body shaming coaching call. Second, I’d love for you to join me in my Fight Holiday Body Shaming #BawdyLove Photo Challenge.

The point of a photo challenge is to challenge you to take a photo of a theme each day. Easy enough, right?

The goal of this photo challenge is to get you to practice radical self-love during the time of year when body shaming is rampant.

The goal is to take a photo each day to remind you that you are lovable as you are right here, right now, no exceptions. When you’re having a rough day, you can look back through them for a reminder of how splendid you are.

You don’t have to share your photos to participate, just take them. But, if you’d like to share your photos on social media, use #BawdyLove in your post so we can all see them! 

Let the challenge begin! Today, take a photo that shows:

December 1 – It’s my birthday, honor the privilege of getting older!
December 2 – Embrace your body’s abundances
December 3 – Trust in your body
December 4 – Honesty with where you’re at on the road to self-love
December 5 – Compassion for your body
December 6 – Show inspiration you got from the free Fight Holiday Body Shaming coaching call
December 7 – Forgiveness for the mean things you’ve said or thought to your body
December 8 – Sincerely proclaim something you love about your body
December 9 – Courageously show off a part of your body
December 10 – Shower your body with love
December 11 – Accept your body for where it’s at right now
December 12 – Perseverance in the fight against body shaming

Come back December 6 after the Fight Holiday Body Shaming coaching call for an exciting announcement and the rest of the list!

Want to spread the word about this photo challenge and get your friends involved in practicing radical self-love this holiday season? Use the image below!

Bawdy Love Photo Challenge 1



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