Sizable Orgasms: Comfort, Confidence and Pleasure for All Body Types

Wild at Heart, Seattle, WA – January 2014

We all know confidence is sexy, but in a society that spends $20 billion a year trying to convince us we need to lose weight, it’s hard to look in the mirror and love what you see. This workshop will give you tips, mantras and emotional exercises to work through the self-doubts and own your body, whatever shape or size it is.

Once the emotional is covered, the workshop will delve into the physical aspects of sex at different sizes, including positions that work better for larger bodies, how to work around protruding bones on smaller bodies, ways to conserve energy and prolong sex, ideas for couples with a major difference in height, and other proven sex tips. We will end with a Q&A session where Lauren will answer your personal questions and help troubleshoot any sexual problems you may be having due to self-confidence or body type issues.

You will leave the workshop with a concrete list of practical ideas to feel comfortable and confident in their personal and sexual lives.

This workshop is open to all regardless of gender, orientation, or relationship status.