Using Social Media Tools without Being a Tool


I’ve presented this workshop at multiple conferences and writer’s events, including:

  • BlogHer, Chicago, IL – June 2013
  • SDSU’s Writer’s Conference – January 2014

You love your writing. You want everyone else to love it, too. You want people to listen to you, because you’re right about everything, of course. The problem is getting people’s attention when everyone else is vying for it. This workshop tackles the questions: What’s the best way to promote our initiatives, activities, and writing without turning people off? How do you grow a loyal readership that will not only read your blog, but help you promote, too? How do you do all this without having to take a bleach bath each night to scrub your soul clean? Learn from real-world examples of how to use the tools at your disposal, without being a disposable tool.


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January 30, 2018

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