Required Reading: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert


Creating is scary. Putting yourself out there in any way is horrifying. The fear of critics, both in your life and in your head, is paralyzing.

But you can’t let that stop you.

As I wrote about in this post, I’m a scaredy cat. I am afraid of almost everything. Each time I post something online, I’m scared. Each time I send a chapter to my editor, I’m afraid. Each time my agent sends my book to publishers, I’m mortified and horrified and scared and worried and oh-my-god-someone-save-me-I’m-going-to-die afraid.

That’s where Big Magic comes in.

Big Magic is embracing that fear, working with it, talking to it.

Big Magic is a conversation between you, your fear, and Elizabeth Gilbert, who has this beautiful knack for soothing your fear and making it seem like a friend, not an enemy.

Big Magic is required reading for any author who has ever struggled with writer’s block, any artist who has ever stopped painting, any chef who feels bored with their cooking, any human who longs to create.

If you haven’t already, buy this book. Keep it near you, right by where you create. Get the audiobook version (narrated wonderfully by Elizabeth Gilbert herself) and listen to it as you go for a walk or fall asleep.

Let Big Magic inspire you to live a creative life beyond fear.

With love and creativity,


P.S. Want some tips for overcoming fear? Check out this post.

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