#ShowMeYourBawdy June Photo Competition – Because your body is ready for summer, as it is.

Is your body beach ready?

I’ve been asked that question a thousand times by advertisers trying to sell me some diet pill, workout regime, or weight loss program. The assumption is that I need to lose weight, trim up, and “get in shape” before bikini season.

But like my fellow body-positive activists and I say:

If you want a bikini body, put a bikini on your body.

Your body is worthy of being shown as little or as much as you want. Starting now.

Yes, right now, as in today, as in how you are this second.

You are ready for a bathing suit. You are ready for the beach, pool, river, hose, or however you cool off this summer. You do not have to lose weight. You do not have to shave. You do not have to change.

To prove how wonderful and worthy all bodies are, I’m having another #ShowMeYourBawdy Photo Challenge!


Participation is easy, all you have to do is share a photo of yourself and/or your life that reflects each day’s theme, and tag it with #ShowMeYourBawdy. I’ll be reposting your inspiring images on the @BawdyLove Instagram (please note on the photo if you’d rather we didn’t share yours), and there are prizes for people who participate all seven days!

Here are the themes for each day:

June 1: Bikini Bawdy
June 2: Crop Tops and Short Shorts
June 3: Always Use (Sun) Protection
June 4: Smoking’ Hot Bling
June 5: Dare to Bare
June 6: Lazy Summer Days

When you post your photo, don’t forget to use the hashtag #ShowMeYourBawdy so I can find it and send you some love in the comments.


Want to participate, but not quite ready to post these photos on your FB wall or Instagram? Come over and share them in the Bawdy Love Facebook Group, a safe space to be love and accepted for who you are right now, right here.

Looking forward to a revolutionary summer with you all, full of self-love, decadence, connection, healing, and fun!

P.S. Are you in the Southern Hemisphere heading into winter? That’s okay, you can still participate. Show us some older photos or get in the spirit however you please.




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