Spring Cleaning Part 1: Out With the Old

What power are you giving inanimate objects in your life? How can you release yourself from that grip, let go, and give that object and its power away?

Tomorrow is the Equinox, the halfway point between the dark days of winter and the bright heat of summer, the official beginning of Spring.

2015-02-26 08.41.32For us on the West Coast, Spring has sprung early this year, with daffodils and tulips popping up  weeks ahead of schedule. For those in the MidWest and on the East Coast, have faith, your Spring will come!

Spring marks a new beginning, a rebirth. For many cultures both ancient and still thriving, Spring is the start of a new year, a time to celebrate the fertility of the earth and of our creative minds.

If Winter is the time for restoration, Spring is the time for preparation (and summer will be the time for participation, followed by Fall for contemplation).

There is a reason we talk about Spring cleaning, a reason we often repeat “out with the old, in with the new,” this time of year: we are preparing to participate once again, to wake up and join the rest of the natural world, to bask in the sunshine.

Before you spring forward gaily running into the sunlight, take some time to let go of last year’s darkness and set an intention for walking toward the light.

Out with the old.

Spring cleaning was always something I imagined 1950s housewives doing, beating carpets with their hair in curlers, neatly folding winter jackets and placing them in bins under the bed.

But Spring cleaning isn’t just about removing dirt and cobwebs from the corners of your living room, it’s also about taking time to consciously remove unnecessary clutter, debris, and burdens from every aspect of your life.

A student in my Bawdy Love program recently shared this with the Bawdy Love Facebook group, and it summed up Spring cleaning so well, I asked her if I could share it.

This week’s practice of writing down things that I am afraid of feeling (like being unattractive) has been pretty powerful so far.

I’ve done something radical. The bawdy love wheel has somehow, as if by magic, set itself in motion. At least, I think I owe it in part to bawdy love because otherwise I don’t know why I stayed up until 5am doing this!

Last night, I cleaned out my closet.

For almost a year now, I’ve had clothes in my closet that were too small. Practically speaking, it was hard to get ready in the morning because I didn’t know what in my closet actually fit me. What’s worse, I would see the small clothes and instantly feel shitty about myself. Somehow, I thought they were a source of inspiration for me to lose weight but instead those tiny blouses just made me feel a little bit bad every day. What powerful pieces of fabric, I thought to myself. When I would want to wear something only to realize that it didn’t fit, I would feel terrible about myself. I would beat myself up for being too fat. And I would carry that cruelty in the back of my head. Battle scars. Micro aggressions against my poor, sweet body that was and is honestly just doing its best.

Yesterday, I decided I was tired of feeling shitty about myself every time I walk into my closet. I realized that I had more power than a size medium silk blouse. (That’s a hilarious sentence but I really had to realize that.) So I went through every single item of clothing that I own, removing those that do not fit my body right now. Now, every item of clothing that hangs in my closet fits and makes me feel fabulous.

It was exhausting work, both physically and emotionally. There were several moments, when I was trying on all my pants and couldn’t get them over my hips, in which I felt a bit of depression and despair. I wanted to give up in the middle of it because I felt like I was making myself feel worse. But I now feel that it was worth it. This morning, I look at my closet and I know that everything in there makes me feel amazing. And I deserve to feel amazing.

– Megan Lorraine Debin

Yes! We all deserve to feel as amazing as Megan felt that morning looking into her closet and knowing everything fit her and made her feel good about herself. The simple act of clearing out old objects allows you to let go of the grip they have on your life. 

What power are you giving inanimate objects in your life? How can you release yourself from that grip, let go, and give that object and its power away?

Answer these question in your journal. Answer these question as you look around your house. Answer these question as you look around your life.

How can you apply these questions to everything in your life? How can you let go of excess emotions, objects, relationships, grudges, obligations, goals, etc. so you can better focus on the things that give your life purpose and fill your heart with joy.

Ask yourself: who am I holding this for? Does it serve me to keep holding on?

By clearing away the clutter you’ve amassed in your life and your soul, you’re making room for positivity, joy, and abundance. Next week, we’ll talk about setting your intentions for filling these new spaces in your life and heart. But for now, work on clearing out and letting go.

What did you need to let go of today? Share in the comments below or on social media using the hashtag #DailyDecadence.

Be sure to also check out Part 2: In With the New, where I talk about how you can fill this new space in your life with conscious items that serve you well.


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