Want to write a book? Here’s the key you need to finish.

There are few things in the world as amazing as holding your full manuscript in your hands.

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This week, I held the manuscript of my latest novel in my hands for the first time and it felt FRIGGIN’ AMAZING!

My sister decorated the cover for me (she chose the working title) and my nieces insisted I read my favorite parts to them at night before we go to bed. My best friends have sent me celebratory gifts and I made an epically fancy meal to mark the occasion.

Is my book done? No.

Do I still have a long road ahead of me before it’s published? Yes.

Is it still worth celebrating? Absolutely!

Every step you make towards making your dreams a reality deserves to be celebrated!

Nine months ago, I sat down to finish a completely different book and ended up writing this one. I’ve lived in my character’s worlds since then, dreaming of them and sometimes forgetting that they aren’t real (or are they?). It’s been a wild ride, but a wonderful one as well.

The book is about a fat queer girl trying to make it in Hollywood. It was inspired by a dream I had about The Rock and my ultimate goal is to turn it into a movie some day.

But first, I have to finish it.

Finishing a book takes patience and accountability. It requires carving out time in your life and focusing in on what’s important to you and your story.

Most importantly, it takes help.

I’ve had a lot of help along the way. I’ve been taking UCLA Writer’s Program courses, I’ve had encouragement and critiques from friends, I’ve hired multiple professional editors and writing coaches to help me. But all of that investment of time and money is 1000000% totally worth it to hold your manuscript in your hands.

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Do you have an amazing story idea but just can’t find the time to write it? Maybe you’ve even written a few chapters of your book, but your self-doubt has kept you from finishing it. Writing takes patience and practice, but it also takes support and accountability. You don’t have to go at it alone.

To be a writer, you must write. It’s as simple as that.

Sadly, writer’s block, life commitments, self-doubt, social media, familial obligations often distract you from sitting your ass in the chair and writing.

Without an accountability program with concrete goals and deadlines, you’ll never get your story out in the world.

I have helped thousands of people overcome self-doubt to turn their goals into easily achievable action steps.

The key to holding your finished manuscript in your hands is accountability and support. You can’t do it alone and you don’t have to.

This week, I shed tears of joy at holding my complete manuscript in my hands. I want to help you do the same.

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I am so excited to continue sharing my writing journey with you and can’t wait to be a part of your writing journey too.

With so much love and excitement,


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