My local fiction-focused bookstore just sent out a list of the LGBTQIA+ books that have come out between last pride and this one. 

Mind you, they’re a store that actively seeks out LGBTQIA+ titles and stocks them.

Want to guess how many books were on that list?










Only 7 of which are written by women.

And one of which is the big lesbian fantasy hit of the summer, which – as far as I can tell from everything on the Internet – was written a straight cis white man from the tech world. 

(And while it’s supposed to be a great book, I know first hand how horribly hard it can be to convince the publishing industry to take on a book about queer women/femmes written by a queer woman/femme. 

So it hurts that the big lesbian book of the summer is written by a cis het man. I just hope its success encourages publishing to take on other queer women and femme stories. This time written by people who identify as queer women and femmes.)

I don’t share this to discourage you. I say this to show that telling your story is about more than just you.

90% of my followers and clients are from historically marginalized, underrepresented, and underserved communities. 

It can feel like the world is telling us to sit down and shut up.

That’s because it is.

But you’re here because you don’t want to be silent anymore.

You’re reading this because you’re ready to grab a bullhorn and shout your story to the world.

And you’re here because you know that by telling your story loudly and proudly, you’re paving the path for others like you to do the same.

When I get discouraged by the obstacles I face as a queer, fat, femme in business, and publishing, I think about those who will come after me.

My trans nibling. My queer nieces. 

Everyone in my Write Your Friggin’ Book Already® program. 

My followers online.

Readers, like you.

Even people I’ll never meet.

When my book comes out, I want it to be so successful that it blows a gaping hole in this publishing mountain so as many fat, queer, women and non-binary femmes can come through. 

And then I want to reinforce it so other marginalized communities can join the party.

By telling my story, I’m able to help you tell yours.

By telling your story, you’re able to help me tell mine.

By encouraging each other, making space for our stories to be told, and amplifying our voices together, we’re able to pave a path for future generations to come.


Group of people holding their hands up in victory.

(BTW, the woman on the left in the blue and yellow jacket is my friend KishaLynn Moore Elliott, and her book ​BLACK WOMAN GROWN​ just came out, so grab a copy!)


This week, when life comes for you and tries to silence your voice – through everything from digital distraction to outright oppression – remember that with each word you write, you’re creating more than a book. 

With each word you write, you’re carving out a legacy.

A legacy started by those before you and continued by those who come next.

So carve out time right now in your calendar to write this week. Here’s how:

  • Block out a 90 minute chunk from your calendar (Saturdays during our sprints is a great time!).
  • Say what you’ll work on so you don’t spend time wondering what to write.
  • Enter a location that’s distraction free.
  • Tell everyone in your life that you’ve chosen that date and time, and ask for accountability to do it (tag me on social media if you do it there so I can see! @laurenmariefleming on Instagram, FB, and TikTok).
  • Keep that promise to yourself when the time comes.

Because the world needs your story now more than ever.™

Happy writing,


P.S. If you want some extra encouragement, comment below when you’re going to write and I’ll cheer you on.