Think about the last time you overcame an obstacle, reached a goal, or saw a dream come to fruition.

How did you celebrate?

Think about a time you stood up for yourself, made it through a rough day, got out of bed.

Did you take time to celebrate that?

I’ve recently had a few coaching clients ask to work on the overwhelming feeling they have that the world is a messed up place and there is no good left in it.

I understood where they were coming from in thinking that, but I adamantly disagreed.

We have come a hell of a long way as a society and if you look around you there are amazing human beings doing awe-inspiring things all around us.

Those things, however, don’t sell newspapers. They’re not click-bate. They don’t get you to tune in at ten.

But just because the media can’t make money off of good stories, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

In Step Three of Bawdy Love: 10 Steps to Profoundly Loving Your Body, I have you evaluate your media influences, really look at what you’re absorbing, and understand the effect it has on you.

A very important part of that is asking yourself if your influences are allowing you space to celebrate in your life.

Ask yourself this: am I martyring myself for a cause or celebrating our victories?

Martyrdom sounds great in theory – it would kind of be fun to be a saint up on walls of churches – but the reality is you do no one any good when you suffer. Suffering is contagious. It spreads.

Joy is also contagious. Joy also spreads.

In these hard times, I encourage you to spread a bit more joy. Celebrate the victories. Encourage positive change by bringing attention to it. Support those who are doing the same.

I’m not saying you can’t acknowledge the bad, sometimes life is the shits and you’ve gotta complain, but ask yourself if you’re reaching up for help or trying to grab people and pull them down with you. Getting help is amazing. Having loving supportive company down with you on the ground is amazing.

Pulling everyone down with you, however, is not amazing.

Let’s lift each other up. Let’s celebrate each other’s victories. Let’s dance our friggin’ asses off.

Who’s with me?!

*insert large crowds cheering together here!*


Thank you for joining me in celebrating.

With love and light,