Everything is labeled “healthy” these days, and everyone has an opinion on what is and isn’t worthy of that label.

The problem with “healthy” as a label and a goal is that health is completely subjective.

What makes one body thrive might make another one explode. For example, milk doesn’t do my body good. Neither do whole grains, yeast, or running. All these things hurt my body, but I tried to make them work for me for so long, because I was told how important and “healthy” they were, and subsequently how “unhealthy” I must be for not having them in my life.

By labeling some food, activities, and behavior as “healthy”, we automatically label people who don’t eat, do, or act a certain way as “unhealthy” – or even unworthy of health.

We create a caste system that puts down one behavior and raises another, all using this term “healthy”, a term no one can fully define. Because of this, “healthy” has become a loaded term, one all too often used to validate our life choices and degrade the choices of others.

Because “healthy” is subjective and hard to define, it’s an unachievable, ever-changing goal that sets us up for failure.

Our fear of our own mortality makes us obsessed with stopping the natural deterioration process, so there’s always the next exercise fad to jump on, the next nutritional revolution, the next step in health.

Don’t aim for the subjective health goals of others. Aim to thrive for yourself.

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I challenge you to take “healthy” out of your vocabulary for a week and see how it changes the way you perceive your daily choices.

Replace healthy with a less loaded term, one that you can define and embrace. I choose thriving. I don’t aim to eat, act, or be healthy, I aim to feel like I am thriving in life. Flourishing. Prosperous and robust.

Here are some words to try using instead of “healthy”:

  • thriving
  • positive
  • flourishing
  • prosper
  • robust
  • fresh
  • revived
  • fulfilled


Try it for a week, and see how you feel. Then let me know in the comments below.

With love and light,